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Natalie Oliverio, CEO of Military Talent Partners, joins the Crossing the Line of Departure: Life After the Military podcast to share how her time in the Navy helped her mature; how she helped veterans as a recruiter, talent manager, and mentor; how she started her own for-profit company which has helped well over 5,000 veterans and their family members in less than 3 years; explains the value of committing to goal-setting; and, shares how she strengthens her own mental fitness.

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Show notes
0:00 Introduction 0:28 Lee introduces Natalie Oliverio 1:30 Natalie explains how her Navy experience molded her 4:46 Natalie talks about her transition from the Navy 10:08 Natalie talks about her post military career, specifically working forNatalie Tennant’s run for West Virginia Secretary of State 11:23 Natalie talks about her other post military job experiences and theimportance of goal setting 16:45 Natalie explains her role as a mentor for Elite Meet 27:53 Natalie describes what her company, Military Talent Partners (MTP),does for veterans 32:24 Natalie tells some stories about veterans she helped at MTP 39:54 Natalie talks about her experiences with transitioning from onecompany to another 46:57 Natalie advises business owners on how and why to recruit militarytalent 50:45 Natalie defines mental fitness and shares what she does to strengthenher own mental fitness