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Iron sharpens iron. It’s a common phrase, but one that is not focused on enough as a tool for winning. This week’s guest, John Moloney, the Chief Commercial Officer for the automotive division at Bose, defines this statement in addition to giving us his perspectives of the importance of work, leadership, and mentorship – all which can be applied to sports and life.

John is an alumnus of Central Michigan University where he received his bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance and received his MBA from the University of Detroit in International Business.

As we said, John is currently a leader at Bose and also previously held executive positions with Michelin, Ricardo, and Bosch. John has also been involved in many entrepreneurial endeavors, notably as the chairman for FilterGrade LLC and as an advisor at MIT’s Entrepreneurship program and venture mentoring service.

Word on the street is that when John isn’t working or with his family, he can be found on the golf course or riding his bike.

John is an expert at enhancing a brand’s value, and we value that he joined our show.

Show Notes

John tells us about his rise to a business power player: 2:38

John explores the importance of embracing work: 6:53

John explains why he thinks continuing improvement is so important: 10:01

John gives us his personal and professional views on mentorship: 13:06

John tells us a story about one of his mentors: 20:01

John explains what drives his competitive nature and the importance of competition both physically and mentally: 22:25

John talks about his approach to teamwork as a leader at BOSE and how he inspires maximum performance from his team: 27:27

John shares a story to depict what leadership means to him and recounts a time when he bounced back from failure: 31:51