Do you know who David Goggins is?

Have you read or listened to his book Can’t Hurt Me!?

Have you seen/listened to any of his podcasts with Joe Rogan or Ed Mylett or the other great interviews he’s conducted over the last 3-4 years?

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If you answered Yes to any of these questions, I want to introduce you to the David Goggins of Veteran Service Organizations: Navy Officer Jai Salters, founder of ACT NOW EDUCATION!

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then check out David Goggins on YouTube, read or listen to his book, Can’t Hurt Me, then listen to or view this Pivotal Moments Media  podcast episode of Life After the Military with Jai Salers as our guest! Jai and his story is amazing!

Learn how Jai consistently did the following:

– Overcame repeated adversity in his childhood and his life as a child in the foster care system and built a life of pure grit and resilience

– Pursued education as a way to better himself

– Committed himself to help active duty service members, veterans, military spouses and family members thrive and successfully transition to life after the military by creating and leading ACT NOW EDUCATION

– Flexed his mental fitness muscles 

– Never hesitated to seek help when he needed it







InstaGram: @jai_salters


Show Notes:

00:00 Lee and Howie introduce Jai to the PMM audience, noting his work with ACT NOW EDUCATION, an organization that has helped over 14,000 military members and families with educational resources 

3:03 Jai discusses what motivated him to create the organization while he was an active duty officer, starting with a series of awkward presentations 

8:27 Jai tells the story of how his personal family history affected his early years and eventual enlistment into the military on September 11, 2002

11:00 Howie and Jai discuss the David Goggins story noting some of the parallels between he and Jai’s backstory

16:11 Jai shares very intimate details of his early beginnings and experiences in the foster care system and how it influenced his will to overcome painful circumstances

23:23 Lee and Jai discuss how Jai’s experience has equipped him to impact others, and to see the signs of a hurting comrade

33:27 Howie shares an anecdote of an important comrade in his life

37:08 Jai discusses his mentorship work with organizations like Veterati and ACP, and the process of onboarding mentees

43:37 Lee, Jai and Howie urgently implore all transitioning veterans to ‘do it NOW’; get started on the transition process ASAP 

55:05 Howie tells the story of how a chance encounter at a networking event led to his compensation package being almost doubled

57:32 Jai tells the audience some of what he does to strengthen his mental fitness – positive self talk, taking a mental pause, enlisting people who can help him with the problem, etc. 

1:06:15 Lee transitions to Jai’s prospective book title, and Howie takes a stab at it also!

1:09:54 Show closing