“Managing a company is like flying an airplane, you know where you want to go, but you’ve always gotta make adjustments depending on which way the wind is blowing.” Joining this episode is Tom Power, President and CEO of Sunshine Minting Inc., the leading domestic and global supplier of precious metal and base metal mint products. Power chats with Jenn about his experience at the helm of the company including his approach as an ‘intrapreneur,’ the importance of allowing yourself the space to make mistakes and the true value of establishing community and a supportive culture among a multi-generational team. And, of course, he shares his definition of mental fitness! 

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tom-power-16b3014
Sunshine Minting Website: http://www.sunshinemint.com/


Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction to Tom Power and Sunshine Minting, Inc.

4:00 Tom shares what led him to work for the Sunshine Minting, Inc. company, beginning with the historical NAFTA agreement between the US and Canada in the 90’s

7:18 Jenn asks Tom, given his extensive experience in leadership, “how would you define mental fitness”?

10:59 Tom discusses how the company structure allowed him to develop himself as an ‘intrapreneur’, allowing him the freedom to make mistakes as well as setting up his confidence

12:19 Jenn discusses the dynamic landscape of the workforce, prompting a discussion about how there are currently four generations working together in the overall American workforce

17:47 Tom and Jenn discuss what they believe is a happy medium between the machismo-based definition of mental fitness, and the more empathetic and inclusive definition

23:15 The discussion shifts to the importance of putting together an effective team, and how the concept of accountability sometimes differs from generation to generation

26:00 Jenn and Tom discuss effective techniques they’ve used to learn in order to community effectively with multi-faceted teams

29:04 Tom discusses how he built a circle of trust to combat the self doubt he experienced after becoming a CEO, fortifying his mental fitness

31:00 Tom shares incredibly good advice for other company leaders to address mental awareness and wellness in the workplace – “establish the right culture” 

34:53 Tom leaves lasting words for the PMM audience