When discussing life’s challenges, it’s common to hear metaphors about “climbing the mountain”, and reaching the “summit”. We also hear that reaching the peak of the mountain, while incredible, is just a moment and that we should enjoy the accent as much as the descent. We are told to soar toward our dreams and be humble in our approach. Ben White has done all of this literally and metaphorically.

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Ben has been an adventurer since a young age. Ben hiked and skied all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4000-footers at the age of 17 with no backcountry ski knowledge. In 2011 Ben attended the University of Utah and graduated with a geology degree, an atmospheric science minor, and earned undergraduate researcher of the year in the college of mines and earth sciences for his work studying how natural arches vibrate and degrade over time. It was also during that time he also learned to rock climb, ice climb, and fly paragliders. Simply put – Ben LOVES this stuff.

But, like most journeys, Ben’s path had its fair share of adversity. In our episode today we will navigate through some of the challenges he has had to overcome, both mentally and physically, and learn how he has used his experience to help others, as they quest through the odyssey of life.