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Howie Cohen, the Director of the Pivotal Moments Charlie Mike channel and a veteran of over 27 years of military service, shares how military schools and assignments helped him develop the skills and tools to transition successfully from the military. Howie provides very detailed advice and guidance for men and women in the military to plan, prepare for, and execute a successful transition. Howie also shares what did not go well for him and what he’d do differently if he were to transition now.

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Show notes

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Lee Elias opens the podcast and introduces Howie

2:36 Howie shares valuable lessons learned from his military experience which included Airborne School, Jumpmaster School, Ranger School, and assignment to the 3Rd Ranger Battalion.

11:14 Howie shares stories of experiences at the White House Communications Agency – supporting the Bush 43 Administration and meeting Pope John Paul VI.

17:44 Howie describes how he prepared for and executed his transition out of the military.

24:52 Howie talks about what went well, what did not go well, and what he’d do differently during his transition.

31:37 Howie describes how the three companies he worked for helped him integrate into their work environment and culture.

36:35 Howie talks about his step into entrepreneurship and following his passion.

41:02 Howie provides very detailed, specific advice on how to prepare for transition from the military.

56:08 Howie provides advice to organizational leaders on how to help veterans integrate into their organizations.