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Rick Nash, is a 15 year NHL veteran, former Captain, 5-time All-Star, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and current Director of Player Development for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

This week on WIN, he shares his philosophies of leadership as a teammate, captain, coach, and member of his organization while also telling us some incredible stories of his time in the game.

Show Notes

-Rick discusses who and what he thinks about when reflecting on the honor of having his number retired by the Blue Jackets: 1:21

-Rick talks about his current role as director of player development with the Blue Jackets: 3:36

-Rick shares the challenges he faced as the face of the Blue Jackets when he was drafted: 10:05

-Rick tells the importance of continuing to learn and grow as a leader while leading: 12:50

-Rick shares how he would approach a coach with an uncomfortable situation, as a young captain: 21:00

-Rick discusses culture and how important it is for the success of a team: 24:44

-Rick talks about understanding roles and how important it is to the culture of the team: 36:27

-Rick gives young coaches advice on leadership based on his career as a coach and under multiple coaching styles: 41:00

-Rick defines mental fitness and shares how he trains his: 47:18