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This week’s guest was the 10th overall draft pick in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft and made his debut three years later with the Calgary Flames. Eric Nystrom joins the show this week to discuss his path to success and the lessons he learned that have remained with him throughout his life.

If you’re planning your own rise to success, Eric’s advice is exactly what you need to hear.

How do you map out a path for success? Once you’ve achieved that success how will you deal with adversity and the challenges that arise from greatness?

This week’s guest, Eric Nystrom, walks us through his path through hockey to the NHL and through his path of education and leadership which led him to becoming a successful entrepreneur after his playing career.

Eric was a four year letterman at University of Michigan before starting an 11 year NHL career having spent time with Calgary, Minnesota, Dallas and Nashville. Eric has also represented the United States in the World Junior Championship and World Championship. He’s very philanthropic and a leader on and off the ice, and we are pleased to have him here today.

Show Notes

Eric discusses the journey of playing multiple sports as a young athlete and shares advice to others on their own path to greatness: 1:39

Eric talks about the importance of bringing balance to a locker room: 10:36

Eric discusses being in the zone: 15:35

Eric talks about the need for positive locker room atmosphere even at the NHL level: 20:45

Eric talks about the importance of roles and communication on a team: 28:13

Eric defines mental fitness: 1:01:40