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In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with former Air Force Officer, David Tenenbaum. David currently serves as a Director for Heroes Linked, a nonprofit that connects those serving, veterans, their spouses and Gold Star families with a national network of volunteer Advisors for professional and career development, as well as educational, employment and VSO resources. David is also the Founder and CEO of Honor Media, a nonprofit media production organization and publishing platform for and about the veteran community.

Heroes Linked:

Honor Media:


Show notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:40 Lee introduces David Tenenbaum

2:30 David shares how his military career impacted him

8:53 David describes his experiences and challenges with transitioning from the military

25:44 David talks about his experience working with a Department of the Veteran Affairs Federal Advisory Board located in Los Angeles, California

31:09 David talks about veteran suicide and his personal experience with suicide

32:00 David shares his perspective about the challenges that non-profit Veteran Service Organizations face

41:16 Lee tells a story about his personal perception on suicide changed

47:00 David talks about how he helped veterans and their families when working with Bunker Labs to foster entrepreneurship

51:57 David describes his work with HeroesLinked – a veteran version of LinkedIn

1:03:41 David talks about his vision behind his non-profit organization, Honor Media

1:09:34 Lee gives David his book title

1:11:39 David talks with vulnerability about his challenges with mental fitness and what he does to strengthen his own mental fitness

1:21:18 Lee closes out the episode