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In this episode, we talk with Bobby Colliton and Jonathan Demers who started the Skate for the 22 Foundation. Bobby and Jonathan formed the Skate for the 22 Foundation to reduce the tragically high number of military suicides by providing hockey, learn to skate, and skills development sessions, at no cost to their players with the goal of getting veterans back into a supportive, team environment.

Show notes

0:00 Lee intros the podcast

0:42 Lee introduces Jonathan Demers and Bobby Colliton from the Skate for the 22 Foundation

3:06 Bobby explains the purpose behind the Skate for the 22 Foundation

8:32 Bobby explains the use of hockey to help Veterans by creating a team environment that they miss after leaving the military

14:42 Bobby shares how he created Skate for the 22

19:19 Bobby and Jonathan talk about how Skate for the 22 is organized and how players may offer services to other players

28:12 Bobby shares how his military experiences prepared him to create the Skate for the 22

33:40 Bobby talks about how others may create a similar foundation that gets others involved

37:43 Jonathan talks about how his military experience helped him with his involvement in Skate for the 22

43:04 Bobby and Jonathan share their transition experiences and describe the huge value that their military leadership training brought them in the corporate world 53:50 Bobby talks about how to integrate veterans into the workforce

58:42 Jonathan talks about their podcast, Behind the Boots

1:03:35 Bobby and Jonathan define mental fitness and what they do to strengthen their mental fitness

1:07:30 Bobby describes how to get involved in Skate for the 22

1:11:32 Howie closes out the episode