In this new episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie speak with Sergeant Major (Retired) Topaz Navarro. Topaz shares the importance of being curious, vulnerable, and fearless as he learned to use LinkedIn to find his voice and establish his network to help with his transition planning and execution.

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Learn from Topaz as he describes his passion for helping others through his business, Escape Velocity Academy, where he teaches others to become intrinsically motivated to find the overlap between curiosity and community.

Topaz highlights the work he does with Work Play Obsession All In Foundation to help others deal with challenges they may have with their mental fitness. 

Topaz defines his concept – authentic happiness – to help transitioning veterans find their meaning and purpose in their post-military life. He beautifully describes our need and desire to find and experience micro-flow states in all we do.

Learn how Topaz strengthens his mental fitness by taking his MEDSS (Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet, Sleep, Social Interaction) every day.


Show Notes

1:28 Topaz gives an overview of his transition out of the military.

11:40 Topaz expands on the focus of the Escape Velocity Academy 

13:15 Where curiosity intersects with community, you will find purpose/passion

19:45 The Origin of the Escape Velocity Academy name and its services

22:51 Howie explains what “Mile 62” means in relation to building good habits

26:06 Topaz explains the influence that “ The Second Mountain has had on his work

33:10 Topaz opens dialogue on the role of mentors vs coaches

39:30 Topaz elaborates on Work Play Obsession and his role as a connector to other non-profits

47:35 Lee explains the importance of finding community 

54:12 Topaz expands on “purpose” and finding it through authentic happiness

1:04:09 Topaz talks about taking his M.E.D.S in maintaining his mental fitness