“I’m on the hunt for some goals. I’m flip-flopping between taking everything too seriously and not seriously at all. I ask country music sensation and aspiring adult film star Spencer Crandall whether he is aware that strangers desire the life he lives. We also talk about numbers, which, as a math boi, gets me all hot and bothered. Some good shit in here. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy Uncomfortable with Ian McConnell (that’s me).”

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro 

00:55 – Ian sings candidly about how he feels about spending time on what he loves and reevaluating his goals.

03:03 – Ian talks about Google and the “human-desire” to be known and sings about the irony of how the internet knows him best.

05:36 – Ian touches on working from home and highlights in a song about finding guilt around things he “should” be doing.

08:58 – Ian shares a mental fitness tactic he uses when he’s feeling down to shift his mindset.

10:35 – Ian jumps into a song about not dwelling on your worries.

13:28 – Spencer Crandall joins Ian on stage as Ian introduces him and reflects on the intro songs about controlling what you can.

17:12 – Spencer talks about how he focuses on “enjoying the ride” and “living in the moment”.

19:51 – Ian asks Spencer about his mindset as he made his debut at the Opry.

23:06  – Spencer and Ian discuss differentiating their identities as artists.

27:27 – Ian segways into a conversation about creating value for fans.

30:56 – Spencer shares how he reacts to hearing his own music and feeling pressure from comparing current work to past work. 

36:45 – Spencer and Ian briefly talk about how it’s hard to watch your streams and stats in real time.

37:17 – Ian asks Spencer if he’s aware that there are other people who desire his life. 

40:00 – Spencer closes the show with his song “Side of the Stage”.

44:50 Close