How do you handle unexpected adversity? 

Despite preparing and planning for the transition to civilian life, there was an emotional toll Teresa Shick’s family did not expect. The devastation of leaving their military life and the family they built caused an identity crisis that shook them to their core.

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Military spouse and founder of the Pillar Foundation, Teresa Shick, shares insight from the challenges of her life after the military with Howie and Lee on this Charlie Mike episode. 

The community aspect of military life is very important to their family; which led Teresa to create her own in Texas. After serving as an Ombudsman at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group alongside her husband, Teresa founded The Pillar Foundation to provide a support network to newly transitioned military wives into the civilian world. Her dedication to our country’s military families and spouses is unwavering. 

Replacing the purpose these men and women have post-military is pivotal for the healing and growth in their new lives. Teresa is a voice for all military families and a resource that deserves to be shared with all.


Show Notes

00:30 – Introductions

02:00  – How do you and your military spouse prepare for your transition? How did it go and what did you learn?

07:45 – The importance of community camaraderie, and the particular kind you find within the military

10:00 How did you overcome a loss of identity and purpose after leaving the military?

13:45 – Teresa on founding the Pillar Foundation and the importance of being able to find a great community

17:30 – Teresa on the important roles of the military spouse, the importance of teamwork for a successful transition,  and resources available to help families and spouses transition and settle into life after the military

31:00 – How naval special warfare shapes family communication, and lessons learned from training and preparations

34:15 – How and why Teresa started the Pillar Foundation 

43:00 – Lee gives his book titles

46:15 – Teresa is asked what she does to maintain her mental fitness