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In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with US Army Command Sergeant Majors (Retired) AC Coley and Mark Clifton. AC and Mark share valuable perspective about how to effectively transition from the military to government service, working in government contracting, and how to be successful thriving in a small business setting. They talk about their commitment to help others transition as their company, Spathe Systems, actively supports the DoD SkillBridge Program.

Show notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

0:35 Lee introduces Mark Clifton and AC Coley

2:30  Mark and AC describe how their military experiences shaped them

9:19 Howie shares some stories about his military assignment with both Mark and AC

14:46 Both Mark and AC talk about their transition from military service to government and corporate positions

23:10 Mark describes his experiences with Arma Global, a service-disabled veteran owned small business

33:10 AC shares his experiences working with the United States Special Operations Command J6 and their Center for Special Operations

41:15 Marks talks about the experience of going through the company acquisition of Arma Global by General Dynamics Information Technology

48:08 Mark describes the capabilities of Spathe Systems, the minority-owned, service-disabled veteran owned small business that he stood up

56:52 Mark and AC talk about how Spathe Systems supports the DoD SkillBridge Program to help veterans transition to life after the military

1:06:20 Lee gives AC and Mark their book titles

1:07:40 Mark and AC give their definitions of mental fitness and how they work to strengthen their mental fitness and resilience

1:12:16 Lee closes out the episode