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We talk about the determination, mental fitness and GRIT needed to make it not just in pro sports but in life a lot on this show. Our guest today, Riley Cote, is a shining example of someone who did it in both arenas.

Riley was an undrafted player who walked-on to an NHL tryout which resulted in him taking the full road from the CHL to ECHL to AHL and eventually the NHL with the Philadelphia Flyers where he became a hometown favorite almost immediately. For those of you who don’t follow hockey – what Riley accomplished is extremely rare and we dive into what makes him tick as an athlete and as a person on this week’s episode of WIN.

Show Notes

-Riley shares what drove him to reach the levels he did in hockey: 1:19

-Riley discusses what traits he brought that helped his success: 4:47

-Riley talks about the people who made an impact during his career to help lead to success: 9:41

-Riley shares about his experiences coaching in the AHL and how he helped develop players: 15:38

-Riley shares his current work in mental wellness: 18:23

-Riley discusses and shares his passion for the future for use of hemp and cannabis as medicine in sport: 27:24

-Riley shares advice for young players and coaches as they journey to the next level: 37:30

-Riley talks about detaching from the outcome & present moment awareness: 39:48