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In this Life After the Military episode, Lee and Howie interview Ed Abner, a retired United States Naval Officer and graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Ed shares his broad and deep experiences working in federal contracting in business development; holding executive leadership positions in a number of federal contracting organizations; consulting with other businesses to make them more successful and profitable; and, his extensive experiences as an effective teacher, coach and mentor.

Show notes

0:00 Lee introduces the podcast

00:40 Lee introduces Ed Abner

1:45 Ed talks about how his military experience shaped him

6:00 Ed describes his baseball playing and coaching career

8:48 Ed explains how he learned to do federal contracting business development. Lee shares his experience with sales.

25:01 Ed shares about his federal contracting experience and work withFedSources

35:50 Ed talks about how he helped Howie transition from the military and to his corporate position, add value, and achieve success

44:00 Howie talks about the lack of corporate leadership and the need to help veterans transition into their organizations

47:30 Ed talks about the need for leaders to pay attention to what is going on in their organizations

49:00 Lee, Ed, and Howie talk about the need to ask for help if you are struggling with how to do your job, your mental fitness/health, or anything that cause you to feel stress

58:40 Ed describes how he joined the Achievance team as a leader and consultant

1:05:02 Ed talks about his athletic coaching experiences

1:16:00 Ed defines what mental fitness means to him and how he strengthens his own mental fitness

1:24:34 Lee suggests the title of Ed’s book if he were to write one

1:24:52 Lee closes out the episode