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Steve Sosland, Chief People Officer of the University of Texas Tech University System, and former United States Army Airborne Ranger Officer joins the Life After the Military podcast. Steve shares stories and talks about his military and corporate experiences; leadership, coaching, and mentoring; developing and sustaining a high-performing, values-based culture; personal and professional development; and gives a lesson on great whiskies and bourbons.

Show notes

0:00 – 1:23 Introduction to podcast and Steve Sosland

1:58 – 7:16 Steve describes how his military experience and leaders shaped him

7:17- 11:00 Steve and Lee talk about the importance of strong team bonds

11:01 – 13:15 Steve and Howie talk about their personal mission statements

13:16 – 24:59 Steve talks about his experience at West Point, his early assignments, and his experiences with Brigadier General Herbert Lloyd, a military hero and legend

25:00 – 36:00 Steve describes his transition from the military and experience as a recruiter for military officers, talks about the impact of ego, and describes his work experience at KFC

36:01 – 44:44 Lee, Steve and Howie talk about leadership

44:45 – 47:00 Steve talks about his life’s purpose: developing and sustaining a high performing organization based on a strong set of core values

49:15 – 56:30 Steve defines the difference between mentoring and coaching

56:31 – 1:02:30 Steve talks about his entry into the healthcare field and building a values-based culture

1:07:30 – 1:16:15 Steve talks about being a life-long leader, the importance of self-development, and suggests four books to read

1:20:57 – 1:27:00 Steve shares his top picks for bourbon and whiskey

1:27:40 Lee gives Steve his book title

1:28:30 – 1:33:54 Steve shares his definition of mental fitness and what he does to strengthen his own mental fitness

1:35:30 – 1:36:40 Steve thanks all who were in uniform or are currently in uniform

1:36:45 Lee closes the episode

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