Listen to retired Navy SEAL officer, Mark Greene talk candidly and transparently about his challenges with transition, traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress, and how he sought help consistently throughout his life to overcome obstacles and achieve success in everything he did.

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Dominion Energy:


Show Notes:

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:42 Lee introduces Mark Greene

01:54 Matt describes how his service as a Navy SEAL shaped him

10:26 Howie and Mark reinforce the value of military service and overcoming adversity

17:40 Mark shares his challenges and stories about transition from the military and his experience at the University of Southern California

40:40 Mark expands on his work at USC and helping their student veteran community and their families

47:40 Mark, Howie and Lee reinforce for veterans the need to plan for their transition at least 2 years out and never fear to ask for help

57:47 Mark describes his concept of being a life coach for student athletes

1:14:50 Mark explains how he learned about Dominion Energy and chose to work for their corporate security team

1:22:40 Lee gives Mark his book title

1:25:18 Mark shares a story about a public speaking engagement at the Smithsonian

1:30:15 Mark defines what mental fitness means to him, personal challenges he had and what he does to strengthen his own mental fitness

1:35:00 Lee and Mark discuss the difference between fearing failure and hating to fail

1:43:50 Lee closes out the episode