In the premiere episode of Rise Above, former NFL Player Randy Grimes speaks on how all his hard work and love for football paid off. Randy opens up about his battle with addiction, hitting rock bottom, and the road to recovery with the help of his Wife and Family. Learn how he helps families, athletes, and others battle addiction through his organization Pro Athletes In Recovery.

Learn more about this incredible story through Randy’s book Off Center: A Memoir of Addiction, Recovery, and Redemption in Professional Football and his website

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro 

02:45 Randy discusses his upbringing and life before he got to the NFL

11:30 Randy speaks on how he started abusing substances once in the NFL 

21:00 Jason asks Randy about his book, Off Center

25:00 Randy discusses hitting rock bottom

30:30 A walkthrough of an intervention

33:30 Jason asks Randy about his wife, Lydia

36:00 How to contact Randy

40:00 Randy speaks on the number of people suffering from addiction

43:00 Jason closes the episode


Book Release

The motivational autobiography of Dr. Jason Cormier, a nationally renowned brain surgeon, EDM artist, and Racecar Driver is out now.

Learn more about Dr. Cormier’s book here

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