“It matters how your audience receives the message.”

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Keina King, a strategic thinker, designer, brand lover, co-founder of Butta Digital Creative Studio and digital marketing copywriter at software supply chain automation company Sonatype, joins Jenn to discuss her creative method as a writer, the value of such roles to an organization’s communication and how working in and consuming types of media can have an impact on mental wellbeing. She also lets us in on how she flexes her mental fitness through reading and journaling.


Keiana’s Website: https://www.keianaking.com/

Sonatype Website: https://www.sonatype.com/

Butta Digital Creative Studio Website: https://buttadigital.com/


Show notes:

1:20 Keiana opens the show by outlining her journey as a writer for software security automation

4:30 Jenn and Keiana stress the importance of having effective communicators in a content-driven society

8:34 Keiana flexes her mental fitness through reading, journaling and a healthy diversification of media

13:56 Jenn and Keiana discuss how experiencing certain types of media, even as marketers, can be harmful to one’s mental health over time

17:30 Keiana spills on her creative method of separating the internal voice from the voice of the brand

20:36 Jenn lists some famous brands that have capitalized on their communication to create very specific cultural niches

22:23 Creative roles aren’t always valued culturally, but the finished product absolutely is

25:56 More ways to flex mental fitness – chores, dancing, visiting museums, seeing plays, getting outside