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What is the first thing you tell people about yourself? Is it your accomplishments? Is it what you do for a living? Is it about your family?

Our Guest today, Brian Covey, will make you rethink how you approach people in sport, business and life with his thoughts.

Brian’s resume is one that will get our audience excited. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Brian played soccer at the pro and Olympic levels before taking on a career as an influencer, speaker, top-rated podcaster via “The Brian Covey Show”, an author through his book “Conversations with Covey”, and a wealth Advisor while serving as the VP of one of the largest mortgage companies in America, loan-depot.

But beyond his professional accolades and titles, Brian is all about balance in fitness, wellness and life. One of the things that stood out to me when doing research, is that Brian always lists himself as a father, husband and family man first.

Show Notes

– Brian discusses being a family man first and foremost: 1:42

– Brian talks about the importance of a team bond and how to strengthen them: 7:38

– Brian shares a time where he faced adversity, what he learned, and how he overcame the obstacles: 11:53

– Brian discusses a collective responsibility for a team to keep team culture in check: 17:57

– Brian expands on his five tenants that are a pathway to success on the field and the importance of also utilizing this skill set off the field to be successful: 22:37

– Brian shares what it is that draws people in to work for him: 30:09

– Brian tells why its important to understand what motivates others: 36:32

– Brian shares what he would write in a text he would send to his younger self and defines mental fitness/how he practices it: 42:53