Are you missing 1000 moments thinking you have 1000 more?

Are you letting your arrogance prevent a low-stress and highly successful transition from the military?

Do you like to drink a cup of coffee to relax, expand your network and develop trusted relationships with others?

Do you suffer from PTS, depression, or have suicidal thoughts?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, meet former Petty Officer Two Alfredo Torres!

In this episode of Life After the Military, Howie and Lee talk with Alfredo about the work he does with the Virginia Department of Veteran Services as a Military Transition Regional Coordinator transitioning veterans.

Alfredo transparently and courageously talks about his problematic transition and how he overcomes his depressive tendencies.

Alfredo is a fun-loving, caring, bear of a man who cares deeply about helping all veterans plan, prepare, and execute a highly successful transition. If you listen to Alfredo and heed his advice, guidance, and mentoring – you will be well on your way to that outcome!


Virginia Department of Veteran Services:

Alfredo’s Sunday Coffee:   Sundays from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT: connect with Alfredo

Torres ( or Hope White ( to get a link to join the conversation

Show notes

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:30 Lee introduces Alfredo Torres

03:07 Alfredo talks about his departure from the Navy, his troubled transition

experience and his arrogance

06:25 Alfredo shares how he mentors and advises men and women to transition to their life after of the military

19:40 Alfredo discusses the stressors transitioning military members face and dispels many rumors and toxic perceptions they have and listen to

26:52 Howie reinforces the value of connecting to men and women like Alfredo and other Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) for help

28:02 Lee, Howie and Alfredo talk about the high rate of veteran suicide and how problematic transitions significantly add to this problem

31:09 Lee, Howie and Alfredo tackle the challenge veterans face with losing their community, tribe and sense of purpose and the need to replace them quickly

28:44 Alfredo talks about the importance of building trusted relationships + translating their skills/experience into language that employers and recruiters understand

41:58 Alfredo describes Alfredo’s Coffee House, a networking event he holds for transitioning service members on Sunday afternoons

47:06 Lee gives Alfredo his book title

52:08 Alfredo shares transparently and courageously about his challenges with PTS, depression, and suicidal ideations and what he does to manage them

56:19 Howie and Alfredo talk about the need for transitioning veterans to be OK with asking for help

1:04:17 Lee closes out the episode