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In this Life After the Military episode, Lee and Howie interviewed Army Signal Corps Colonel (Retired) Laurie Moe Buckhout. Laurie, a graduate of James Madison University and their ROTC program, served for over twenty years in the military. Laurie shared stories and experiences from her military and corporate career. More importantly, Laurie spoke transparently and courageously about her challenge with post-traumatic stress and depression after commanding a Signal Battalion in combat. Laurie’s willingness to be completely open and vulnerable about the challenges she faced will resonate with many men and women in uniform and those who served before them. We laughed, we cried, and we spoke candidly and honestly about this topic – our best episode yet!

Show notes

0:00           Introduction

0:44           Lee introduces Laurie Moe Buckhout

1:54           Laurie shares how the military impacted her personal and professional growth

8:35           Laurie talks about her transition from the military and the mistakes she made

14:11         Laurie talks about dealing with fear, Post Traumatic Stress, depression, and no longer being in a high operations tempo environment

18:20         Howie thanks Laurie for her transparency and vulnerability and applauds her for her inner strength and courage

20:12         Laurie talks about the physical and mental challenges she overcame; how her chain of command supported her; and the tough, courageous career decisions she made to support her family

33:40         Laurie shares her insights about starting her own business, Corvus Consulting, and about being the “most dangerous woman in the Pentagon”

43:05         Laurie talks about the business acquisition of Corvus Consulting by Castellum, Incorporated while persevering through Lyme’s Disease

54:24         Laurie talks about how her education helped her military and post military career

1:01:40      Lee offers a recommended book title for Laurie’s book

1:05:48      Laurie defines mental fitness and how she strengthens her own fitness

1:09:45      Howie thanks Laurie for being so courageous and vulnerable

1:11:02      Lee closes the episode