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In this episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie talk with US Army Master Sergeant (Retired) Darrell Williams. Darrell serves as the Chief, Military Human Resources, for the Defense Information Systems Agency. Darrell, a Master Certified Life Coach and Inspirational Speaker, started Alliance Seminars Coaching as a veteran-owned, faith-based organization that provides keynote speaking, certified workshops, and life coaching services to clients. Darrell provides excellent advice and mentoring for veterans seeking to work with the government and how to find and pursue your purpose.

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Show notes

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:40 Lee introduces Darrell Williams

1:59 Darrell describes how his military career impacted him

6:04 Darrell describes supporting Vice President Cheney with communications support

13:13 Darrell provides excellent transition advice: “finding a job is a job”

20:19 Darrell talks about navigating the process to seek government service

27:16 Darrell describes how he helps others through Alliance Seminars, a faith-based life and relationship coaching organization that he and his wife, Veronica, started

35:18 Darrell discusses the need to find your purpose and how that led him to seek and attain professional certifications to help others

41:50 Darrell strongly advises others to seek certifications that align with the area you want to work in

44:10 Darrell highly encourages veterans to get a degree to make them the most competitive for job selection and compensation

47:30 Darrell describes his role as a relationship coach and how he prepared himself to help others in this area

52:50 Darrell provides excellent advice and insight for veterans who want to seek government employment

1:01:30 Darrell discusses how he successfully runs a business with his wife, Veronica

1:07:00 Lee gives Darrell his book title

1:07:50 Darrell defines mental fitness and shares ways that he strengthens his own mental fitness

1:17:54 Lee closes out the episode