Jen shares her journey of fighting societal norms and finding her true self.

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After finding huge success in her chosen profession, Jen again took a huge risk and left her career to start her own company and pursue her passions in a completely different field where she is now a highly sought after medium and intuitive guide. Jen’s journey will provide insights on:

  • How to change your internal narrative to find inner peace
  • Keys to visualizing what success means to you and ways to manifest your dreams
  • Unlocking your intuition
  • Redefining failure – embracing stepping-stones
  • Meditation – listening to our own boundaries


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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

1:59 Jen shares a little bit of history about Spirited Treasure and how the journey has been for her starting her own company

6:24 Jen talks about how she got over the guilt as a parent and as a woman that it is not her time to be happy and started to think about her happiness and fulfill her desires

10:46 Jen talks about the importance of letting go of things that are not working out for you and always trusting the process

14:46 Jen talks about the societal structures that the society was expecting her to follow, how she overcame them and how she felt when people said she would fail when she started following her own direction

23:04 Jen talks about intuition and how people have shut down the gift that everyone has of helping others unlock their own intuition

26:46 Jen shares an example and what she experienced after she decided to fully trust her intuition

30:32 Jen talks about the importance of letting go of what does not work for you, how to identify that thing, and how to know it’s not working for you

33:48 Sandy also talks about how she becomes aware of something that she had to let go of in her life

37:38 Jen explains why you should not only stick to one thing in life and shares an example of why not

40:55 Jen talks about what she tells herself and what she does so as to go with the right thoughts

46:25 Jen also talks about some other practices that people can do so as to solve their problems


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Quotes Mentioned:

“Take the leap, and trust that everything was going to be okay.”

“The more you move forward, the more things open up and more opportunities present themselves to you.”

“If something starts to crumble, it’s deemed as a failure, and I don’t think we should look at anything as a failure because it’s an unfoldment, we’re getting to know who we are.”

“Instead of seeing things as a failure, look at things as a stepping stone.”

“It’s okay for you to be you, it’s safe for you to be you, and it’s okay for you to do things differently.”

“Each experience that you have, there’s the light or the epiphany or the space to learn from that situation.”

“Happiness equals success and if you’re happy, you are successful.”

“You’ve got to let go of what’s not working for you.”

“If we’re unaware of our reactions to things, how are we going to know what we’re really reacting to or how we’re really reacting to something?”

“Either keep going and lose yourself or make a change for what you need.”

“Life is about taking chances on yourself.”

“Life is about exploring who you are.”

“Everything works on a vibration and frequency.”