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Join us on a journey with Kris Perelmutter to learn how she found the courage to take chances and live the life she always wanted.  She will share the struggles along the way and how she recognized her toxic environments and found the strength to change her situation.


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Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

3:04 Kris shares her background and how it helped in shaping her career life that she’s living today

7:17 Kris talks about how her experience in the companies she was working for led her to start her own brand

10:51 Kris explains why it is important to reflect on oneself to find their true self and not mind what others will say

16:59 Kris also talks about why people need to give women enough credit when it comes to being a working mom

20:25 Kris talks about what keeps her going on, what keeps her mentally fit, and who are the people around her that help her with this

22:57 Kris talks about where she gets the courage to overcome the fear people have of transitioning

28:39 Kris talks about the importance of taking the time that you have and making an adventure in everything that you do

33:00 Kris explains why people need to always believe in themselves if they want to achieve something in life

35:41 Kris talks about what she is about to do next in the near future in her life

37:56 Kris talks about her writing and if she will be writing more in future

41:14 Kris shares her advice to people to guide them through the transitions in life