“Ask those emotions, before you push away, what is this trying to tell me?” We are back with Miki Goerdt, clinical social worker, board-certified art therapist and owner of Emerald Leaf Counseling LLC! In part two of this conversation, Miki dives further into the subject of self-awareness and how it helps to guide our choices.

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She also discusses the impact of culture, the importance of understanding the messages tucked into our emotions and why we may need to refrain from always having to define where we are on the mental wellness continuum. Plus, we can’t forget about art! As an accomplished artist, Miki shares the benefits of a regular art-inspired regimen.



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miki-goerdt-a61808157 

Personal Website: https://www.mikigoerdt.com/ 

Emerald Leaf Counseling Website: https://www.emeraldleafcc.com/


Show notes:

00:00 Jenn jumps right into Part 2, beginning the show with a very important question for Miki

06:16 Jenn and Miki discuss how culture affects human relation

09:12 Miki discusses how self awareness can lend power to making choices

12:26 Miki tells us why the term “mental fitness” may be inappropriate

20:14 Miki reminds us that we may not always need to define how we feel or where we are on the mental wellness continuum

22:32 Jenn and Miki discuss how a regular art practice regimen assists with her personal self-awareness

25:51 Miki reminds the audience, “each emotion has a message for you”



“…become self-aware of the function of guilt and shame.” – M

“None of us, as a person, are actually detached from the environment we are surrounded by.” – M

“I think that it’s really important to be attached to your culture.” – J

“To make a choice is empowering.” – M

“I happen to think, emotions [can’t] become people.” – M

“You are here, and emotions are actually not you – it’s just something here that you have.” – M

“You can be attached to that anxious person you were, but it doesn’t mean that you have to be anxious your whole life. You have choices.”

“Resiliency, in my book, is defined as pain transformed into strength.” – M

“Mental wellness and resiliency come from collectivistic places for me, and for many of the people who are from marginalized communities.” – M

“In therapy sessions, the power is in the client’s hands to decide.” – M

“Each emotion has a message for you.” – M

“Ask those emotions, before you push away, what is this trying to tell me?” – M



Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help YouFind – and Keep – Love by Amir Levin