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Whoever said being smart and athletic were mutually exclusive, has never met this week’s WIN guest.

Meet Gabe Hunterton: Yale Graduate, D1 basketball player (who played in OVER 100 games), gaming program entrepreneur, and did we mention he’s trilingual? He’s joining this week to give us the rundown on how he had to keep his mental fitness in top shape to persevere through challenges in order to achieve success.

High achievers often have a curiosity when it comes to approaching situations that are uncomfortable.

Our guest Gabe Hunterton, who is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, attended Yale University where he played guard for the school’s D1 basketball team from 1994-1998. Gabe played in 100 games in his ivy league collegiate career averaging over 28 minutes per game and finished with 917 points, 267 assists, 260 rebounds and 71 steals.

After Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Gabe cut his teeth in the gaming industry, rising to multiple executive levels including Senior Vice President of Business Development, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Property President with a famous Resorts and Entertainment group.

After retiring from the corporate gaming industry in his early 40’s, Gabe set his sights on entrepreneurship and developed several successful gaming programs for sports betting and fantasy sports. In addition to English, Gabe speaks Spanish and Cantonese and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.

Show Notes

Gabe discusses his path to playing basketball at an Ivy League school: 1:43

Gabe talks about the gaming industry and how he wound up in Macau: 6:07

Gabe compares sport and working in the gaming industry: 13:07

Gabe talks about learning Cantonese: 15:34

Gabe shares his mental fitness regimen and how that helped him adapt to a different culture: 18:01

Gabe talks about understanding how to interact with other people and EQ: 26:28

Gabe discusses both his and his brother’s successes in higher education and what contributed to it: 32:11

Gabe shares about some of the challenges he has overcome as he chose to retire from the gaming industry: 35:41

JB asks Gabe name a physical competition that he thinks he can be victorious over his brother Nate: 45:52

Gabe gives advice to aspiring athletes, coaches, and entrepreneurs: 56:22