“Talk therapy allows a person to speak about their topics, but it may be too difficult to discuss. So, music kind of allows for a creative approach and a non-intimidating approach.” Kelsi Tafaro, a board-certified music therapist, neurologic music therapist, special educator and executive director of NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC., joins Jenn on this episode of We Are Everyone to discuss the therapeutic benefits of music.

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She shares how she was inspired to open her own practice, the scientific support behind music’s ability to alter our moods and how it helps us handle conflict and self-awareness. She also answers questions about the lessons that business leaders can take from music therapy as well as how it has impacted her own mental fitness path personally and as an entrepreneur. Plus, Kelsi and Jenn reveal the songs they listen to for an extra mental boost!


Guest’s Social Media: 

Kelsi Tafaro LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelsi-tafaro-585409102

NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC.: https://www.neurosoundmusictherapy.com/meet-our-team

NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NeuroSoundMT/

NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neurosoundmusictherapy/?igshid=10ou0ccyea182


Show notes

:00 Introductions

:47 Kelsi shares her background and life history that lead her to music therapy

2:32 Kelsi’s earliest connections to music and how a great teacher lead her to begin her musical healing journey

5:56 The purpose, science and process of music therapy as explained by Kelsi Tafaro

9:45 Kelsi reveals that using client – preferred music is part of her music therapy method and explains how songwriting, active listening and instrument-playing factor into her approach

13:05 Kelsi tells us what she feels about the term “mental fitness”

15:45 Using music therapy strategy, Kelsi explains how she strengthens the mental fitness of others, and gives the case of a child with attention issues

19:19 Jenn poses the question, “What lesson can you learn about yourself through music and art therapy?

20:45 How can the lessons we learn in therapy be applied to the workplace? Kelsi says that businesses are increasingly caring about the mental wellness of their employees

25:45 Kelsi reveals how she flexes her own mental fitness by setting boundaries and learning how to say “no”, while being a mother, wife and business owner

28:22 Jenn and Kelsi discuss her favorite songs for a quick mental boost

29:23 Kelsi leaves us with parting words and offers her services to the public