“Make sure that the whole person is looked after.” We are so lucky to be joined by Dale Pfeifer, who took time to stop by We Are Everyone to share insight from her journey to becoming one of the leading charitable entrepreneurs through the creation of Goodworld, a company that powers mission-driven organizations with technology that transforms workplace culture, communities and customer connections. Here’s a hint – it includes emphasizing mental wellness.

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She also details why it is so important for her company to support its team as they work to support others. From the practices that her company instills to the view of employee care that they have implemented, we think there will be a lot to take away from Dale as a team member, entrepreneur, changemaker, you name it.


Dale Pfeifer LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dale-pfeifer-a907761/

Dale Pfeifer Twitter – https://twitter.com/dale_pfeifer

Goodworld Website – https://goodworldnow.com/

Goodworld Twitter – https://twitter.com/goodworld

Goodworld Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/goodworld.me/

Goodworld Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/goodworld/

Goodworld LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/goodworld 


Show notes:

2:31 Dale answers the question, “How does social entrepreneurship play into having a healthy mindset?”

5:00 The discussion continues on the learning curve in becoming a charitable entrepreneur, and how businesses adapted during the onset of the pandemic

7:00 Being able to manage a business during the pandemic helped owners retain a semblance of control and stability during a tumultuous time

9:22 Dale discusses how growing new competencies through online courses in marketing and communication helped her to cultivate a sense of resilience

12:03 Dale gives her definition of mental fitness: taking care of your health from a preparatory stance

13:02 Dale details what her company implements to take care of their employees – mandatory 14-day paid leave, extra time off during major holidays, check-in’s, etc.

15:25 As a company with a social impact-based mission, Dale details how she ensures that the values are aligned externally and internally

17:33 Acknowledging the human element in communication and business relations is very important to the longevity of a company

20:15 Formalized mental recess breaks could be very beneficial to the corporate world; mental breaks already serve to help employees and business owners alike. Dale details the mental recess practice she implements with her life partner.

24:44 Dale brings home the facts, that talking about mental health is incredibly important and beneficial for us all, especially when viewing statistics surrounding employee engagement


Quotes Mentioned:

“Mental fitness is key to surviving as an entrepreneur.” – D

“I don’t believe that you can be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t have an optimistic mindset.” – J

“Resilience and grit – something that entrepreneurs have born within them, or you have to acquire that mindset.” – J

“A lot of angst comes from the lack of control.” – J

“I can control my environment and if I need to come up with something to sell… I can do that.” – J

“We live in such a comparing society, which is detrimental to our mental health.” – J

Being able to block out that noise and to stay your course… takes that entrepreneurship mindset and applies it to the greater good for mental fitness and mental health.” – J

“What kind of control can you have over your life when the world hits you with something unexpected?” – D

“A friend that will tell you the truth if the news isn’t good, is a friend indeed.” – D

“…Mental health, but doing it from a preparatory stance.” – D

“When it comes to mental fitness, my guess is that everybody is slightly different?” – D

“I also think of mental fitness as an employer, and I think that’s very important.” – D

“When people are working really really hard, that can impact their happiness, their wellbeing, and their productivity in the long term.” – D

“Make sure that the whole person is looked after.” – D

“As a company culture, we have an open [Slack] policy so that you can talk to anyone, at any moment. We encourage asking questions.” – D

“Communication and witnessing the whole person rather than just the person at work are two very important things.” – D

“The more that we can lean into [the why’s] the more we’re going to have a productive workforce, and the more we’re gonna have happy people.” – J

“Kids have a period of time to run around, adults need that too.” – J

“Mental recess/mental reset can be instilled in corporations.” – J

“We do a 3-minute meditation and a 1-minute gratitude practice… That really helps to focus my mind on all the great things we have already.” – D

“Make a safe place to have a conversation, welcome people’s feelings and thoughts.. they are very very important right now for a growing and thriving team.” – D

“Treat people with grace.” – J