“Mental toughness is essential to success.” 

― Vince Lombardi


Former NCAA Football Player

We are delighted to announce the addition to our Pivotal Moments Media team, Maxwell Worship. Our ambassadors consist of talented artists, athletes, and influencers who use their platform to educate others about mental health. 

Worship’s values, integrity, and heart as an athlete and individual make him a phenomenal role model for our audience.

Route to Success


He grew up in Coral Springs, Florida, with extraordinary, influential role models that supported him unconditionally. 


Fun fact: His mother was named one of South Florida’s most influential black women in business and industry in 2017, and his sister Domonique is a lawyer for the NBA! 


Worship’s talents advance academically, as well. He majored in human and organizational development and graduated as a four-time honor roll member.

His Thoughts on PMM

“I like being a part of Pivotal Moments Media because they really are real-life superheroes. They aim to really make an impact in society and change the world in a way that makes the world a better place and a space for inspiration.” 

― Maxwell Worship

We are thrilled to add Maxwell Worship to our incredible Ambassadors whose services will reach far and wide, spreading a message of positive mental health and wellness.