Julia Cole

Recording artist, songwriter, athlete, mental fitness ambassador

When you ask Julia Cole what she wants people to take from her music – the first word she says is “Empowerment.” And not just for women! Empowerment means giving power or authority or permission to someone. In Julia’s case, it’s giving permission to one’s self to live, feel, thrive and be mentally fit to handle what life throws at you.


My Journey

Whether it’s through my music or as an advocate for women’s athletics, my mission is to spread good vibes and self-empowerment. I am honored to continue that message by joining Pivotal Moment Media as an Ambassador. Pivotal Moments Media aligns perfectly with my desire to advocate for strength and resilience.

A Song About Self-Preservation

As Julia describes it, often after a break up you find yourself second-guessing or wanting to go back, but this song is a reminder to remember WHY you broke up and do what is best for YOU!

My Mission Partners

Julia is proud to support Tennessee Boys&Girls Club sports initiatives and other non-profits aimed at helping people find inspiration and mental fortitude to thrive.