“For us as a band, music has always been therapeutic, so we are proud to be a part of Pivotal Moments Media, because they are committed to creating content and sparking conversations that shed light on this critical issue. We’re excited for all the possibilities that being Brand Ambassadors with them allows for us in terms of expanding and strengthening this mission.”



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Patrick struggled with anxiety a panic attacks off and on since he was a teenager. Here are a few of his experiences and ways he’s dealt with them.




We’re Dan Harrison and Patrick Cornell, and together we are Salemtown, a pop country duo we started in 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Connected by mutual friends during the lockdown, we quickly found a musical chemistry that paid dividends early on. Named for the Nashville neighborhood where we began collaborating, we’ve created a sound we refer to as “Beat Country”. We strive to fuse clever and authentic lyric-driven country songwriting with fresh and modern production that fuses the trappings of the country sound with rock, hip-hop and dance music elements.

We began releasing music in 2021 with our debut single, Pretty Wild. Since then, our songs have been added to a number of notable editorial playlists including Spotify’s New Music Nashville, Heartland Country, PopCo, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Country, Next from Nashville, Wild County and New Boots, among many others across DSPs, for which we are incredibly grateful.

We’ve been playing showcases and gigs all around town since we started, and recently were fortunate to have signed a booking deal with Degy Entertainment in July 2022.

In October 2022, we were incredibly surprised and honored to have been voted the “Best Band in Nashville” by the Nashville Scene Magazine readers poll.

In November 2022, we signed on to be Brand Ambassadors with Pivotal Moments Media, and are looking forward to partnering with them on projects that highlight and help provide solutions for mental health issues in our society.

And of course, we’re always planning our upcoming music releases and concert schedule. So be on the lookout for new music and tour dates from us very soon!