Freelance writer and author, Bethanne Patrick, appeared on We Are Everyone to discuss mental wellness and what it means to be resilient with our host, Jenn Sherman.

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Several mental health topics were covered in this episode, but the most notable is Bethanne’s experience with double depression.

Bethanne first experienced depression when she was in junior high and had her first major incident of depression while in high school, but truly did not understand what was happening until later on in life. Bethanne spoke about living in various places around Germany with her husband, who was serving as a military officer, following her college graduation. Bethanne faced challenges while adapting to a new life. All the change, constantly relocating, and other sources of stress were weighing on her. As Bethanne put it, “We made all these moves and it was just breaking my brain.”

Bethanne later returned to the United States and continued to experience challenges. In 2006, her father passed, and she reached one of her darkest points, thinking she would never be okay.

After years of trouble, Bethanne was diagnosed with double depression and her life began to change. Her mental wellness improved.  “My relationships are better and richer, that’s mental wellness.” Bethanne learned she would not cure her depression, but instead would learn to manage it. Her advice was clear, a correct diagnosis is absolutely necessary for someone trying to improve their mental wellness.

After showing tremendous resiliency and strength, Bethanne is happier. “I don’t have everything. I have what I want. I have what makes me content.”

Bethanne Patrick, The Book Maven, Pinterest