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Ty Herndon

Pivotal Records Recording Artist Ty Herndon discusses his incredible story and his new album Jacob

Ty Herndon's Journey

Ty Herndon discusses with Stacy Case the lessons he’s learned and what led him to the creation of his new album, Jacob.

Rachel's Challenge

Stacy Case interviews Kristi Kings, Executive Director of Rachel's Challenge, alongside Auti, Freddie Scott, and Bob Morgan.

A Pivotal Moments Mission Partner, Rachel’s Challenge addresses the root causes of school violence, bullying, prejudice, and self-harm through social-emotional learning programs that build connection, hope, and resilience. We improve school culture so that students are able to reach their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally.

An Important Mission

CEO and Founder of Pivotal Moments Media, Bob Morgan, and Kristi Krings discuss the reason for the partnership between Pivotal Moments Media and Rachel’s Challenge.


Kristi Kings, Executive Director of Rachel’s Challenge, and Pivotal Moments Media’s Freddie Scott identify and discuss the root cause of suicide, a lack of connectedness.

A Beautiful Partnership

Pivotal Records Recording Artist, Auti, and Kristi Krings discuss their new partnership.

Mark Greene

Retired U.S. Navy Seal Mark Greene discusses his story, the obstacles he's overcome, and how to help yourself.

A Conversation with Mark Greene

NFL Transition Coach and Pivotal Moments Media Ambassador Freddie Scott joins Retired U.S. Navy Seal Mark Greene to discuss tips on bettering yourself and finding a sense of purpose. Mark shares why you must be willing to ask for help and how he was proactive with his own health.

The Importance of Listening

Retired U.S. Navy Seal Mark Greene speaks on his experiences following his transition out of the military. Mark tells stories of how somebody saved his life and how his daughter helped him in a time of need. You will hear how a simple question helped him understand that he needed help, changing his life forever.

Finding Your True North

Retired U.S. Navy Seal, Mark Greene shares the story of how he discovered and pursued his own mission. The former NCAA Division I Football quarterback shares his journey from athlete to college dropout and Blockbuster worker, to where he is today.