In an exciting episode of We Are Everyone, CEO of Gravitas Lisa Sun and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Rider University Geoff Arnold joined our host Jenn Sherman to discuss what it means to work with a team and more.

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Geoff Arnold was a basketball player at Saint Joseph’s University before graduating and working as a systems analyst and a technical sales rep. He received a call one day from an old friend offering him a position coaching basketball. 29 years later, Geoff is still a coach and leader.

Lisa Sun is the CEO and Founder of GRAVITAS, a fashion company with a mission to catalyze confidence. Lisa worked for 11 years as a consultant before starting GRAVITAS after her boss told her that she has no gravitas.


45 Million Americans are experiencing mental health issues in 2020 and almost everyone deals with some sort of struggle, even if it seems small or occasional. Everyone is part of a team in some way or another, and it is helpful. Lisa and Geoff explained how.

Lisa’s experience comes from her career as an entrepreneur and CEO.  Lisa explains, “out of every entrepreneur that’s celebrated in the media or press, you dig down one layer and there is a decade of pain, because entrepreneurs have no safety net.” Lisa’s position as CEO puts her in difficult situations. She admits she, as everyone does, struggles. Her responsibility for her team weighs on her, but as Lisa explains “part of that mental health struggle is actually being vulnerable” and saying your fears out loud. When Lisa has struggled, she has been open with her team and her team has supported her.

Geoff understands what it means to be a part of a team, as much as anybody. He and other coaches feel a sense of responsibility for their players, similar to that of a parent, he explains. Players learn from their coaches on more aspects of life than just the game they play. Geoff considers himself a “teacher” of more than basketball. He is a role model and leader. Coaches benefit from their position as well. Geoff has had over 300 players that have been like sons to him, supporting him along the way as he supported them.

Being a part of a team has been an amazing experience for both Lisa and Geoff, as they’ve learned to be vulnerable, to support others, and to have a support system. One of the best things about being part of a team is having people close to you let you know that “everything is solvable, nothing is that bad” and “even through tough times, you don’t have to know everything.”


“Let that fear or struggle, live outside the body” – Lisa Sun

“Looking in the mirror and smiling. That’s what mental wellness means to me” – Geoff Arnold