So happy to share this update.

In our second year Mental Wellness Basics has already reached 280,000 students, and 2500 schools in the US. Last year, our total activation reached over 60,000, which means we have seen over 350% growth on activation.

This brings our total impact, since 2018, to over 340,000 students!  I’m thrilled we’ve made such an impact.

Mental Wellness Basics is a mental wellness digital learning platform for kids in 8th – 10th grade. In 2018 we partnered with EVERFI, Inc. to build the platform. Our goal – give more kids the knowledge and skills to build, maintain and promote positive mental health.

It’s be a journey getting Mental Wellness Basics into school systems. EVERFI is doing great work. But to hit our goal of millions of students reached we need the help help of sponsors. Donations allow us to implement it for FREE to schools.

Florida progress in 2020

We are seeing incredible activation on Mental Wellness Basics thanks to a state-wide mental health education mandate. In the summer of 2019, the FL State Board of Education voted to require a minimum of 5 hours of mental health education to students in grades 6 or above. With the help of EvERFI we have been able to formally incorporate Mental Wellness Basics into the plans of some of the top districts in the state. This is very exciting news for the Mental Wellness Basics program.  

New partners

Mental Wellness Basics is a key component of EVERFI’s Mental Wellness Coalition. Thrilled to see new statewide partners in EVERFI’s Mental Wellness Coalition: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana. We continue to look for support from organizations who can help fund the FREE deployment to schools across the country.

Learn more about the Mental Wellness Coalition and our founding sponsorship HERE.