My passion and inspiration to launch Pivotal Moments comes from my personal experience being diagnosed as a young adult with cancer and spending three of my college years undergoing numerous surgeries and procedures, and six rounds of intense chemotherapy.  While I received incredible treatment that saved my life, and tremendous courage and inspiration from my family and future wife, I realized years later that once my hospital care ended, I had no avenues for healing my mind, body, and spirit.

The inspiration and knowledge to push through my illness, to reintegrate back into my college and social life, to physically rebuild my body and to mentally cope with battling cancer, and the fears of its return were left primarily to me.

I want young people dealing with major health issues to not only receive the best treatments but also the support and inspiration needed to heal physically and mentally, to improve their overall wellness.

Today, children and young adults face health issues such as cancer, obesity, diabetes and many others. A the same time they are living in an environment where negativity, bullying, divisiveness and constant bombardment of uninspiring content through traditional media and social media is unrelenting.  And the pressure for a young adult to excel in academics, sports, community and social functions seems to be at an all-time high.  One in four young adults are now dealing with mental health issues, and the onset of depression by the age of 12 is increasing at an alarming rate.  There are many mental health organizations researching, studying and providing treatments for mental wellness. 

Pivotal Moments mission is to educate, inspire and support young adults as they learn behaviors to cope and receive medical treatment for mental health challenges.  We want to fill the void in the mental wellness space through education technology and sharing inspiring and beneficial content. 

Our children, parents, friends, teachers, coaches, and bosses all need more education and information on mental health.   We’ve launched the Pathways to a Healthy Mind Campaign to raise awareness of the mental health challenges we face, to educate and inform and to raise funds for the implementation of two educational programs starting with students in grades 9-12.   Funds will be raised through community-based campaigns for implementation of programs in local schools.  The facts are, either you, a close friend or a co-worker are impacted by a mental health issue.  We all have a role to play and can contribute time, talent and treasure to support our youth’s mental wellness.