In an exciting episode of We Are Everyone, CEO of Gravitas Lisa Sun and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Rider University Geoff Arnold joined our host Jenn Sherman to discuss what it means to have a healthy ego, to always be practicing, and more.

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Maggie O’Neill is an artist, designer, and entrepreneur. SWATCHROOM is a creative agency that focuses on enhancing hospitality and restaurant experiences, through art and design, creating unique spaces of community. 

Bob Morgan, a former CEO of a consulting firm, has found himself working in a creative industry as well. Through Pivotal Moments, Bob is creating inspiring content, uplifting people, and creating positive change.


In 2020, mental health issues are more prominent than ever. In any given year, everybody is going through some sort of struggle or knows somebody else dealing with something. More people are dealing with mental health challenges than most people tend to believe. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. live with some sort of mental health challenge. 

Maggie explains that there is a connection in a way that depression and anxiety, among other mental health challenges, manifest in creative and artistic brains. As Maggie touches on, many people in the creative industry, including many people she knows, suffer from mental health issues and are “not just suffering, but living with and managing anxiety and depression.” 

Creating art and consuming art helps with mental wellness, or at least Bob and Maggie agree it does. Bob and Maggie also agreed that a person’s self-awareness is key to bettering their mental wellness. Knowing where you stand is the start of getting to where you want to be. Be confident in understanding and knowing your current position. Although it may be difficult to do, swallowing your pride and accepting the fact that you need help is sometimes necessary. Self-awareness also means knowing how vital the different aspects of your life are and then balancing them. 

Self-awareness creates a pathway towards a positive mindset.