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We are thrilled to introduce you to storytellers from music, arts, and sports who openly share their stories about mental health and wellness. Ty Herndon is featured in this bundle. Meet Ty, learn some new skills, and get our inaugural MindCareKit box shipped to your door.

Part #1: Storytellers

Ty Herndon: A Journey from Darkness to Light

Ty Herndon is an award-winning Grammy nominated country artist and ambassador for mental health. He has seen the lowest of lows and risen to find new hope and purpose in his music.

  • FREE download of new album “JACOB.”
  • Reserve online seat for Live Q&A.
  • Access friends only living room performance (released in Oct)
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Ty Herndon discusses with Stacy Case the lessons he’s learned and what led him to the creation of his new album, JACOB.

Download for Good

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Behind the Music Live Q&A

Attend exclusive Q&A session to learn about the stories and life-lessons that shaped this groundbreaking album.

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Living room Performance and Storytelling

See Ty perform songs of his new album for the first time to a group of family and friends.

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Educational Content

Learn to Listen, My Mission Matters, and 5 Steps to Suicide Prevention

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Stories and Lessons

Listen to the stories and lessons from our artists, ambassadors, and more.

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Part #2: Develop New Skills

3 Lessons for Mental Wellness Champions

Today’s champions for mental health take the time to learn. This bundle includes core lessons on how to Master Listening, how to Craft Your Mission, and how to Be a Lifeguard for Suicide prevention. Designed by Freddie Scott, pro athlete and mental fitness coach.

Stories and lessons from Retired U.S. Navy Seal Mark Greene, PMM Artists Ty Herndon and Auti, and more.

Part #3: Bring it Home


The Pivotal Moments team, our ambassadors, podcast guests and coaches hand-pick items related to mental health, mental fitness, and the lessons we teach. Complete the included lessons, get the box to your door.

  • Hardback journal
  • Journaling prompts related to lessons.
  • Affirmation card box to share with family.
  • Infused candle to relax the mind.
  • Bonus stress relief from new inspiring artist, Auti.

15% of All Proceeds to Mission Partners

Pivotal Moments Media partners with non-profits to promote their mission and resources. You help support these organizations when you purchase this bundle.