Pivotal Moments Media announces partnership with Rachel’s Challenge to strengthen mental health


  • Pivotal Moments Media (PMM) was formed to strengthen mental fitness through entertainment and education
  • Rachel’s Challenge addresses the root causes of school violence,  bullying, prejudice and self-harm
  • The organization honors Rachel Scott, a Columbine HS shooting victim


Nashville, Tenn., September 8, 2022 – Pivotal Moments Media announced today that it has formed a partnership with Rachel’s Challenge to bring education and entertainment programs to help young people around the world cultivate self-worth and improve their mental health. 


Rachel’s Challenge addresses the root causes of school violence, bullying, prejudice and self-harm through social-emotional learning programs that build connection, hope and resilience. Its namesake, Rachel Scott, was a victim of the Columbine High School shooting, one of the first widely known mass school shootings in the U.S. 


PMM is a newly formed global entertainment and education brand that creates, distributes, and promotes entertainment and education programs that inspire and motivate people to become mentally fit, overcome adversity, and lead fulfilling lives. 


PMM recently announced it signed social media and indie music sensation Auti as an ambassador for youth suicide prevention and mental health. A PMM spokesperson said that the combination of Auti and Rachel’s Challenge creates a positive megaphone for cultivating teenage self-worth and pushing back against the negative influences that threaten their mental health. 


“Youth are bombarded with messages that pierce holes in any positive images they have about themselves,” said Bob Morgan, President & Founder, Pivotal Moments Media.  “Having productive social-emotional learning programs and a role model like Auti use a global platform to counter the harmful noise emanating from social media, from a negative body image to bullying and feelings of worthlessness, can go a long way to helping young people feel safe and supported.”


Rachel Scott’s father, Darrell Scott, and her stepmom Sandy started Rachel’s Challenge after discovering the legacy of kindness and compassion Rachel left behind following her death. The organization works with schools to improve and sustain a culture where harassment, violence and self-harm are reduced, where teachers are free to teach and students are empowered to learn. 


An independent study conducted by Multi-Dimensional Education, LLC, a nationally recognized educational program evaluator, found that, “Schools implementing Rachel’s Challenge with fidelity achieved statistically significant gains in community engagement, faculty/student relationships, leadership potential, and school climate; along with a reduction in bullying behavior.” 


Using age-appropriate programming for K-12, Rachel’s Challenge schools have reported up to 84% reductions in disciplinary referrals. More than 150 suicides are averted annually, as reported by students themselves. In a pre- and post-attitudinal survey of 9,881 students from socioeconomically and demographically diverse schools across the U.S. and Canada, respondents reported a 282% increase in the number of students feeling safe at school after participating in Rachel’s Challenge. 


“We know that positive connections improve self-worth and improve mental health, including reducing youth suicide” said Kristi Krings, Rachel’s Challenge CEO. “Encouraging positive actions and highlighting positive influences can fuel and fortify our youth so they feel more powerful than the negative influences that surround them daily.” 


In just over two decades of social-emotional and mental health training, Rachel’s Challenge has reached over 30 million students, educators, and community members. Rachel’s Challenge continues to work hard to turn the ideals of kindness and compassion into actionable strategies that help promote a safe and productive learning environment.


About Pivotal Moments Media:

Pivotal Moments Media recognizes that many people do not get the information and education to identify and cope with mental health issues early enough. Recent health reports indicate that we live in an unprecedented mental health crisis, and our youth are especially affected (HHS). The PMM platform will curate and produce education and entertainment through its website, film, music, and other avenues with resources to encourage mental fitness. Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn / Website