WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Cameron Hughes

What makes you the most dedicated or biggest fan of something? Is it the memorabilia and the moments you can say you attended? Perhaps it’s the level of emotion you show after a win or loss? In reality, while they may qualify you as a fan, to be the person that others see as “the biggest fan” you have to have just one thing – passion. Our guest today took his passion to a level that had never been seen before…

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Our guest today, Cameron Hughes, is a professional crowd igniter and public speaker. In case you haven’t heard of Cameron, when we say professional we mean it – he has inspired crowds at the US Open, NBA, NHL, TV and radio programs, corporate events, and the Olympics. In addition to his work in person, Cameron is also the author of, “King of Cheer: Stories of showing up, getting up, and never giving up from the world’s most electrifying crowd ignitor.”

Cameron’s purpose in life is simple and inspiring, to energize others to just get up and live every experience to its fullest.

Life After the Military: Michelle Penczak

Are you a military spouse looking for meaningful work?

Are you a military spouse who wants to work from the comfort of your own home?

Are you a military spouse with great organizational and creative skills?

Are you a military spouse who can juggle many balls while building trusted relationships?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode of Life After the Military podcast with military spouse and entrepreneurial business owner of Michelle Penczak Executive Assistants, Saavy Spouses, and Squared Away: Michelle Penczak.

Michelle, the military spouse of a Marine Aviator, shares:

  • perspective about the challenges of being a military spouse seeking work
  • how she created and manages three successful businesses and provides meaningful work for other military spouses
  • how she uses therapy to manage and strengthen her mental fitness

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Show notes

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

0:26 Lee introduces Michelle

1:41 Michelle talks about the challenge of being a military spouse

3:39 Michelle talks about not having any exposure to the military until she married

7:14 Michelle describes her role as a personal assistant and her frustrations with finding a job

13:45   Michelle talks about the three business entities she stood up

17:10   Michelle shares how she leveraged her experience at Zirtual to stand up her own businesses

20:53   Michelle describes how she scaled Squared Away to over 200 military spouse virtual personal assistants

25:00   Michelle talks about being a part of the “Spouse Force” and “Framily”

29:10   Michelle talks about juggling her myriad of responsibilities

32:16   Michelle describes how she leveraged a remote workforce and clientele

34:30   Michelle talks about how she builds trust between the personal assistant and the client 38:26 Michelle describes her personal assistant assessment and hiring process

39:49   Michelle talks about her growth plan for Squared Away

41:49   Michelle gives advice on starting your own business

44:42   Lee gives Michelle her book title

46:10   Michelle shares how she uses therapy to manage and strengthen her mental fitness

52:17   Lee closes out the episode

Her Journey Told: A Discussion of Atlas of the Heart with Beth Shaha, Part 1

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Certified Master Life Coach, Beth Shaha joins us in this multi-part series to break down best selling book Atlas of The Heart by Brene Brown. This book has been referred to as the bible for how to understand and communicate your feelings and emotions. Beth highlights key points and how they apply in everyday life.

WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Dan Blackburn


Mental fitness has become a major point of discussion in sports from the youth level to the pro levels. Like most “new” topics of conversation, there are a lot of opinions in addition to a lot of misinformation. However you slice it, it’s clear that there is a stigma surrounding mental health. We are going to break some of those stigmas down today.

Dan Blackburn has spent 25 years coaching and inspiring youth, business executives, world champions, and Stanley Cup-winning athletes the habits, rituals, and skills needed to build mental resilience in order to find success.

Dan is the author of “When the Puck Drops: 17 Stories that will Shock you, Rock you and Inspire you.”, an award-winning TEDx speaker, finalist for the Willie O’Ree Community Hero award, and has been featured across the lexicon of sports programming.

Taking chances and finding the life you want with Kris Perelmutter

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Join us on a journey with Kris Perelmutter to learn how she found the courage to take chances and live the life she always wanted.  She will share the struggles along the way and how she recognized her toxic environments and found the strength to change her situation.


Guests Social Media Links:

Company’s Website: 

Personal Website:




Show Notes:

0:00 Intro

3:04 Kris shares her background and how it helped in shaping her career life that she’s living today

7:17 Kris talks about how her experience in the companies she was working for led her to start her own brand

10:51 Kris explains why it is important to reflect on oneself to find their true self and not mind what others will say

16:59 Kris also talks about why people need to give women enough credit when it comes to being a working mom

20:25 Kris talks about what keeps her going on, what keeps her mentally fit, and who are the people around her that help her with this

22:57 Kris talks about where she gets the courage to overcome the fear people have of transitioning

28:39 Kris talks about the importance of taking the time that you have and making an adventure in everything that you do

33:00 Kris explains why people need to always believe in themselves if they want to achieve something in life

35:41 Kris talks about what she is about to do next in the near future in her life

37:56 Kris talks about her writing and if she will be writing more in future

41:14 Kris shares her advice to people to guide them through the transitions in life

Breaking Down the Impact of Media Messaging with Keiana King

“It matters how your audience receives the message.”

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Keina King, a strategic thinker, designer, brand lover, co-founder of Butta Digital Creative Studio and digital marketing copywriter at software supply chain automation company Sonatype, joins Jenn to discuss her creative method as a writer, the value of such roles to an organization’s communication and how working in and consuming types of media can have an impact on mental wellbeing. She also lets us in on how she flexes her mental fitness through reading and journaling.


Keiana’s Website:

Sonatype Website:

Butta Digital Creative Studio Website:


Show notes:

1:20 Keiana opens the show by outlining her journey as a writer for software security automation

4:30 Jenn and Keiana stress the importance of having effective communicators in a content-driven society

8:34 Keiana flexes her mental fitness through reading, journaling and a healthy diversification of media

13:56 Jenn and Keiana discuss how experiencing certain types of media, even as marketers, can be harmful to one’s mental health over time

17:30 Keiana spills on her creative method of separating the internal voice from the voice of the brand

20:36 Jenn lists some famous brands that have capitalized on their communication to create very specific cultural niches

22:23 Creative roles aren’t always valued culturally, but the finished product absolutely is

25:56 More ways to flex mental fitness – chores, dancing, visiting museums, seeing plays, getting outside

WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Adam Power

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As athletes, we dedicate ourselves to being the absolute best we can be at our craft. No matter the field of play, for most, the journey eventually focuses on one sport. Adam Power was on the hot route to professional hockey before his dream was derailed by injury. Instead of turning to coaching or other work within the game, he decided to pursue one of the hardest things to do in athletics, become a pro at a different sport – and he did just that.

Adam “AJ” Power, is a former hockey player turned professional golfer who currently plays on the mini-tours in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and California. AJ has been in the top 15 of finishers on several events and is grinding away to achieve his first win. With a long game that is well known by coaches and competitors – we don’t think he’s far off.

AJ grew up playing hockey and his talents took him from the amateur AAA level to the WHL, cutting his teeth with the legendary Spokane Chiefs as a 16-year-old. Known as a highly talented puck-moving defenseman, His speed, toughness, heavy shot, and 6’5, 200lb frame excited coaches and scouts alike. AJ was on the path towards the NHL draft before, unfortunately, injuries and concussions forced him to retire.

While he may have been finished with hockey, he was not finished with sports. Shortly after retiring, AJ made the bold decision to dive headfirst into golf and began training with legendary Coach Greg LaBelle at the famed Butch Harmon School of Golf. The rest, as they say, is history.

AJ is married to his beautiful wife Danielle, they have a Chocolate Lab named Ruby, and they recently welcomed their first child, son Oliver Power.

Life After the Military: CAPT (Retired) Steve Jordon

Are you a military veteran or spouse who needs access to free legal services?

Are you fighting legal battles with the Department of Veteran Affairs to increase your benefits and compensation?

Are you interested in working for a non-profit organization that helps veterans and military spouses?

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Check out this week’s episode of Life After the Military with Captain (Retired) Steve Jordon – you will LOVE this episode!

Steve, a Navy veteran of 27 years shares:

  • invaluable advice and lessons learned from his transition to the non-profit sector
  • how he served transitioning veterans with the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Veteran Employment Initiative
  • how he supports the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program which provides a range of free legal services to veterans in need with a 90% success rate

Steve also describes the incredibly meaningful and valuable work he and his wife do with the Emma Jordon Kidz Fighting Cancer Foundation that raises money to help children and families battling pediatric cancer in memoriam to his 5 ½ year old daughter, Emma.

Emma Jordon Kidz Fighting Cancer Foundation:


Show notes

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:26 Lee introduces Steve

02:25 Steve talks about how his military service shaped him

10:53 Steve shares his advice and lessons learned from his military transition

17:10 Steve describes his failure and his lack of preparation for transition

19:21 Steve talks about how he had “100 cups of coffee” with others to network

22:50 Steve shares about filling the void of losing the military community

27:30 Steve describes the work he did with the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s Veteran Employment Initiative (NVTC VEI)

32:57 Steve shares that the Veterans Employment Initiative also serves military spouses

34:40 Steve describes the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program that provides a range of free legal services to veterans in need with a 90% success rate

45:18 Steve talks about the Emma Jordon Kidz Fighting Cancer Foundation

53:40Steve shares how he managed the stress of military service, managing stress in life today, and how he strengthens his own mental fitness

1:04:35 Lee gives Steve his book titles

1:05:20 Steve reminds us of the value and strength of networking and community

1:06:42 Lee closes out the episode

WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Sam Ball

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As athletes and coaches, we can often get lost focusing on our own path, our own goals, and our own struggles. In reality, no matter what your personality, past or purpose, none of us can succeed on our own. Our guest this week, Sam Ball, will serve as both an anchor and example of someone who lived at both sides of the success spectrum while crafting himself into the tremendous servant leader he is today.

After many years of struggling with addiction and trying to get sober with little Success, Sam Ball realized in order to stay sober and grow he had to build a community and look at the whole picture of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. And that’s just what he did.

Sam currently coaches at Warrior Strength, a non-profit gym built around support and community. He is a Strongfirst Certified Kettlebell and Barbell instructor as well as a certified Peer Support Specialist. He is also a nutrition coach though he prefers to use his knowledge to help his peers rather than take on clients.

Sam is also the Program Manager and Recovery coach at Flourish Bakery, a non-profit that helps people coming out of treatment or incarceration to rebuild their lives by teaching them to bake, introducing them to resources, teaching them life skills such as finance and nutrition, but most importantly helping them to build a community.

In addition to everything we said above, Sam is also a traditional archer, scuba diver, chef, dog lover, and powerlifter.

Sam is a man of integrity and compassion. He holds space for people to be exactly where they are at and will love and support them through the process.

You can find Sam’s work at and

Show Notes

Sam walks us through his journey – 2:16

Sam shares the moment that changed his life – 4:39

Sam defines mental fitness – 9:11

Sam discusses his decision to go into servant leadership – 12:42

Sam shares his internal breakthrough and what it felt like – 14:28

Sam talks about fitness and body building and its importance to him – 16:40

Sam discusses the need for community – 23:02

Sam talks about gaining the trust of those he works with – 29:51

Sam shares advice for someone who is struggling – 31:59

Sam reflects on his journey – 33:17

Life After the Military: Captain (Retired) Ted Digges

In this week’s episode of Life After the Military, Lee and Howie interview Captain (Retired) Ted Digges. A GREAT listen for active duty military members, transitioning veterans and military spouses – ESPECIALLY if you are interested in a financial management/services career!

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Ted, a veteran of 27 years of military service as an officer in the United States Navy, shares invaluable advice and lessons learned from his transition to the private sector. He challenges transitioning veterans to think strategically, build out their professional network, find a mentor, and be OK with asking for help.

Ted talks about being OK with “not sticking the landing” on your first try and “opening up your aperture” to the potential opportunities that a military experience gives the men and women who serve.

Ted shares great insights on the value of the financial management scholarship program offered to active military, veterans, and military spouses by the American College of Financial Services.



American College of Financial Services on LinkedIn:

American College of Financial Services:


Show notes

0:00 Lee opens the podcast

00:26 Lee introduces Ted

01:47 Ted talks how his military service shaped him

05:04 Ted describes how he prepared for and executed his transition from the military and shares his advice and lessons learned

08:43 Ted reflects on the three important things to focus on: think strategically, find a mentor, and create and leverage your network

11:18 Ted dives more deeply into the value of mentorship and the need to OK with asking for help and “having a cup of coffee” with others

16:50 Ted advises transitioning veterans to “open their aperture” to opportunities and how they translate their skills and experience

20:03 Ted talks about why he chose to pursue the financial management field for post military employment

21:00 Ted describes the veteran scholarship opportunity with the American College of Financial Services and what he did to build up that program

23:38 Ted describes the American College of Financial Services and what the program offers to veterans and military spouses

27:40 Ted provides advice on how to apply for the scholarship

29:00 Lee gives Ted his book title

29:50 Lee, Howie and Ted talk about Ted’s positive spin on “not sticking the landing” if a veteran chooses to change jobs

31:50 Ted describes the transition he is going through now using the James Michener metaphor of “shocking the dying apple tree to bear fruit”

35:56 Ted talks about how managing the stresses of life today

40:19 Lee closes out the episode