WIN: Championship Traits for Life - Ryan Whitney

Which would you rather have: a long career as a pro-athlete or the #1 podcast in your sport in the world? Ryan Whitney accomplished both, through an NHL career and co-hosting Barstool Sports Spittin Chiclets.

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In this episode of WIN: Championship Traits For Life, Ryan dives deep with us into his NHL career and the ups and downs that players experience as pro athletes. We also speak about some of the leaders that have shaped him throughout his life and also the keys to creating not just a winning organization in sports, business, and podcasting, but one where people can thrive continually.


Show Notes

Ryan discusses his hockey development through school and how it impacted his NHL career: 1:32

Ryan shares why culture is so important to sports and business: 6:56

Ryan talks about how he learned to overcome his adversities: 12:38

Ryan talks about being selfless: 17:30

Ryan shares stories of the leaders he had and learned from during his NHL career: 21:47

Ryan talks about being an authentic leader: 28:20

Ryan touches how organizations can change to allow their players (or workers) to reach their full potential: 30:05

Ryan comments on how understanding the motivation of players can help inspire them to their maximum performance: 36:55

Ryan discusses what skills he learned from his professional and youth hockey career and applied to Spittin’ Chiclets: 47:09

WIN: Championship Traits for Life - Rick Nash

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Rick Nash, is a 15 year NHL veteran, former Captain, 5-time All-Star, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and current Director of Player Development for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

This week on WIN, he shares his philosophies of leadership as a teammate, captain, coach, and member of his organization while also telling us some incredible stories of his time in the game.

Show Notes

-Rick discusses who and what he thinks about when reflecting on the honor of having his number retired by the Blue Jackets: 1:21

-Rick talks about his current role as director of player development with the Blue Jackets: 3:36

-Rick shares the challenges he faced as the face of the Blue Jackets when he was drafted: 10:05

-Rick tells the importance of continuing to learn and grow as a leader while leading: 12:50

-Rick shares how he would approach a coach with an uncomfortable situation, as a young captain: 21:00

-Rick discusses culture and how important it is for the success of a team: 24:44

-Rick talks about understanding roles and how important it is to the culture of the team: 36:27

-Rick gives young coaches advice on leadership based on his career as a coach and under multiple coaching styles: 41:00

-Rick defines mental fitness and shares how he trains his: 47:18

WIN: Championship Traits for Life - Sergeant Major (Ret) Chris "Dutch” Moyer

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No team has ever succeeded when those involved are only worried about themselves. It does beg the question though, How do you create a WE over ME mentality for your team?

Our guest today, Sergeant Major (Ret) Chris “Dutch” Moyer will help craft you an answer.

Show Notes

-Dutch takes us through his journey to the military: 3:00

-Dutch defines being a good teammate and explains the importance: 9:25

-Dutch shares his techniques to press forward during adversity: 13:59

-Dutch discusses how he compartmentalizes fear and moves past it during difficult times: 20:43

-Dutch talks about the time spent training vs the time spent working in the military: 33:42

-Dutch shares his keys to leadership success: 46:43

-Dutch defines and shares how he practices mental fitness: 1:00:39

WIN: Championship Traits for Life - Matt Eversmann

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Courage, commitment, and teammates can be found on sports fields and battlefields.💪 US Army First Sergeant (R) & American Hero, Matt Eversmann, joins WIN! Learn about his story of survival, how it became the source material for Black Hawk Down, and how he maintains mental fitness.

How do you define the word “Courage?” Our guest today, First Sergeant retired Matt Eversmann, will provide you with an answer.

Matt served in the US Army from 1987-2008 and spent time with the 75th Ranger regiment and the 10th Mountain Division.

While his entire term of service was admirable, his time in the military will forever be immortalized through the events of October 3, 1993. Matt was placed in charge of a group of Army Rangers to lead a daytime raid against an eager enemy militia. Matt experienced the horrors of war when he and his fellow soldiers were trapped in a hostile district of Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, and marked for death by an angry mob. His inspiring story of survival became the source material for, Black Hawk Down, which recounts the harrowing experience. For his actions on the battlefield he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor device.

Matt illustrates the importance of duty, courage and selfless service to succeed when ordinary circumstances become extraordinary challenges and we are honored to have had him with us on WIN.

Show Notes

Matt defines the word courage: 2:40

Matt discusses being a quiet professional rather than a loud motivator: 8:57

Matt talks about leadership and accountability: 18:51

Matt shares his cornerstone leadership tips: 37:17

Matt discusses the importance of showing that you care about those you lead: 44:26

Matt dives into bringing calm to the chaos of the events on October 3rd, 1993: 53:09

Matt defines mental fitness and shares how he practices it: 1:02:18

Matt talks about being played by Josh Harnett in Black Hawk Down: 1:07:17

WIN: Championship Traits for Life - Brian Covey

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What is the first thing you tell people about yourself? Is it your accomplishments? Is it what you do for a living? Is it about your family?

Our Guest today, Brian Covey, will make you rethink how you approach people in sport, business and life with his thoughts.

Brian’s resume is one that will get our audience excited. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Brian played soccer at the pro and Olympic levels before taking on a career as an influencer, speaker, top-rated podcaster via “The Brian Covey Show”, an author through his book “Conversations with Covey”, and a wealth Advisor while serving as the VP of one of the largest mortgage companies in America, loan-depot.

But beyond his professional accolades and titles, Brian is all about balance in fitness, wellness and life. One of the things that stood out to me when doing research, is that Brian always lists himself as a father, husband and family man first.

Show Notes

– Brian discusses being a family man first and foremost: 1:42

– Brian talks about the importance of a team bond and how to strengthen them: 7:38

– Brian shares a time where he faced adversity, what he learned, and how he overcame the obstacles: 11:53

– Brian discusses a collective responsibility for a team to keep team culture in check: 17:57

– Brian expands on his five tenants that are a pathway to success on the field and the importance of also utilizing this skill set off the field to be successful: 22:37

– Brian shares what it is that draws people in to work for him: 30:09

– Brian tells why its important to understand what motivates others: 36:32

– Brian shares what he would write in a text he would send to his younger self and defines mental fitness/how he practices it: 42:53