Adventure Heals – Lightbeam

A 3-part video series on the We Are Ocean program, which brings survivors together to share their journies and connect with each other and the ocean.

Driven By More: Chris Hignell – Lightbeam

Chris Hignell became the racing driver he always wanted to become, despite losing sight in his left eye after a terrible accident.

Sink or Swim: Llywelyn Williams – Lightbeam

When Llywelyn Williams was hit by a car, his life changed in an instant; however, as he lay in-hospital and adjusted to losing a leg, he decided he wouldn’t lose his dreams too.

What’s Your Everest? – Lightbeam

What's Your Everest? is an annual celebration of people of all abilities. The weekend-long fundraiser builds camaraderie, confidence, and reminds attendees that what's within you is stronger than what's in your way.

My Summit Journey: Barbara – Lightbeam

Barbara is legally blind, and at No Barriers Summit, she had the opportunity to get her spark back and unlock her most resilient and tenacious self.

Breaking The Cycle: Jools Walker – Lightbeam

When Jools rediscovered her love of cycling, she faced significant challenges, but, her passion and dedication to creating inclusive spaces for women in cycling kept her wheels spinning.

Lovable Marilyn – Lightbeam

Marisa Peer gives us a lesson on self-love, through the eyes of Marilyn Monroe.

One Minute One Life: Elizabeth Jameson – Lightbeam

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Elizabeth Jameson became an artist. She transforms her brain scans into pieces of art that challenge how the viewer perceives, the brain, disability, and illness.

Intention Not Detention – Lightbeam

Built on the premise of creating a safe space for children struggling in class, the Intention Room aims to reshape school culture into a healing space - where students feel loved, encouraged, and empowered.

Agent of Connection – Lightbeam

William Cromartie is a BART station agent who finds meaning through the simple act of saying hello.

The San Diego Highwayman – Lightbeam

For over 50 years, Thomas Weller has dedicated his life to rescuing people stranded on the side of the road. A hero of the highway - asking for nothing in return except that you continue to pay it forward.

One Minute One Life: Susan Helmrich – Lightbeam

Susan Helmrich is a three-time cancer survivor who found healing and solace through swimming. Now, she's making waves with Swim Across America.

Life After Prison – Lightbeam

At an early age, Caesar Rodarte was forced to turn to the streets for a purpose. Life after prison is challenging, but Caesar is becoming a voice for positivity and change.